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St Peter's CE Primary School Cassington

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St Peter's CE Primary School Cassington

Opening Times

Morning Routine 


The school gate and classrooms open at 8.35am ready for children to begin their school day.


To maximise learning opportunities and to set the context to the day, between 8.35am and the register closing at 8.55am there will be learning and activities for the children e.g:


• Closing the gap comments (responding to teacher’s marking)

• An adult working directly with a child

• Maths challenges

• Reading (Independently and with an adult)

• Problem solving, and other activities including interventions


Therefore, can we please ask that the children are here and ready at 8.35am


A child arriving at 8.50am will have over an hour less learning opportunity over the course of a week which equates to a day over a term and a week of missed learning in the school over a year!


Therefore, we will be closing the classroom doors promptly at 8.55am when the register closes to secure the building and allow teachers and TAs to work with the children uninterrupted. If you are late, you will need to go to the office and sign in using the new late book system


Let’s aim for 8.35am and get our learning settled and started!


Doors will be locked at 8:55am. Morning Session ends at 12:00pm.

Afternoon Session

1:00pm - 3:00pm


There is a 15 minute break at 10:45


Breakfast Club

We have Breakfast Club each morning from 8:00am  Please enquire at the school.


After School Club

After School Club runs from 3:00pm to 6:00pm depending on numbers.

Please ring Sam on 07444 581064 for details.