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Apple Tree Class – Nursery and Reception

A very warm welcome to 


Apple Tree Class of 2023-2024!

Our term 5 topic is

Once upon a time

We will be sharing so many stories together throughout this topic and can really let our imaginations run free.  We will think about what is happening within the story, how characters might be feeling and looking at their structure.  Some children may even wish to write their own stories. There will be baking, sensory play, outdoor fun and lots of adventures based around some stories. This topic will conclude with a visit to the lovely Story Museum, where we can fully immerse ourselves in the land of stories!

Our term 4 topic is 

Old MacDonald

We will be taking a closer look at the farm this term, learning about animals on their farm, their babies and taking a closer look at chicks and their life cycle.  Children will be noticing the first signs of spring, looking for different plants and maybe even have a go at growing one themselves! We are excited to visit the farm this topic and get some hands on experiences with the animals.  


We will finish this topic by learning about Easter and the meaning behind it!

Our term 3 topic is 


Throughout this topic the children will explore different ways to travel and different places to travel to. We will look at different vehicles, both old and new, and look at places nearby or far away.  We will take a look at the globe to find some different countries, find England on the map and draw our own maps of our street, house or a room in our house.  This will be full of adventure and is sure to get the children's imaginations exploring all over the world, through their play.


We will finish this topic by learning about Chinese/Luna new year and having a special visitor in to tell us all about it.  We will look at what animal it is this year and find out what animal it was the year of when everyone was born!

Our Term 2 topic is


During this topic we will look at a variety of different celebrations over the world, some of which are familiar to the children and some which may be new.  We will learn about how each event it is celebrated, through food, decorations, dance, music etc and how this may compare with other cultures, as well as reading a key text for each one.  We are very excited to be given the opportunity to take part in an African drumming workshop as part of this topic and will, of course, end the term with our class nativity performance.

Our term 1 topic is



Our topic this term is Superheroes, so we have begun by getting to know each other and learning all about ourselves and our families.  We will be thinking about what makes us unique and how we are super! Of course, we have had the capes outside and have been running around like a superhero but have also discovered that some superpowers are inside us, which can’t be seen, like kindness.  


We will be looking at real life superheroes within our community and have some exciting visitors coming into Apple Tree to talk to us about their careers.  Children will be thinking about themselves as an individual and how they can stay healthy, develop good hygiene routines and be their best self!