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Apple Tree Class – Nursery and Reception

A very warm welcome to

Apple Tree Class of 2022-2023! 

Our term 6 topic's are....

The Hungry Caterpillar and Sizzling summer 

Please take a look at the topic letter below to see what fun learning will be happening!


Our Term 5 topic is...

Once Upon a Time

We have had such a wonderful start to our term, beginning our new topic ‘once upon a time.’ Apple Tree have been busy learning about the Author Julia Donaldson and looking deeper into a few of her stories. We started off with the Gruffalo before moving onto Zog.  She writes so beautifully and the children have been retelling her stories and discussing the order in which the scenes happen e.g. the order in which the mouse and the Gruffalo’s child meet animals.  Some children have been writing their own stories, sending Zog on a different adventure and have been exploring Gruffalo crumble!


The illustrations in the books are just fantastic, so we decided to try and be an illustrator, just like Axel Scheffler and the results are amazing!! Apple Tree sat down with their clipboard and pen and followed a tutorial to draw their very own Gruffalo!! Take a look at how wonderful they are!


During Forest school we have really been enjoying the warmer and drier weather.  The fruit trees have started to blossom and the children have been keeping watch on these each week, as well as making their own fire (like Zog!) to toast their own chocolate brioche.  We have been able to meet and stroke the chickens as well as hand feed them and have been busy turning over logs and looking for insects.  We have found worms, snails, slugs and a slow worm!


This past week and more we have been enjoying the build up to King Charles’ coronation and have been reflecting on the event after.  This is a big moment in History, so we have been learning all about King Charles, his family and the events that happen at a coronation.  The children even drew some pictures of him and wrote him notes to make a card, which we posted to the Palace – we hope he replies! We designed our own crowns, searched for jewels made willow crowns and enjoyed a coronation party as a whole school.

We look forward to exploring some more Julia Donaldson books in the coming weeks and of course, our much-anticipated trip to ‘The children’s play village’ in Warwick.

Our topic for Term 4 is

Amazing Animals 

Please take a look at the attached topic letter for all of the details! 

Our topic for Term 3 is

Brilliant Bears

Apple Tree have been enjoying their brilliant bears topic this term, which began with the Story of Goldilocks and the three bears, sparking discussion around the value of honesty. They loved joining in with this well-known story and thought of some questions they would like to ask Goldilocks about her choices. Apple Tree were very lucky as they got their answers when Goldilocks visited Apple Tree one morning! They helped her write a letter to the three bears to apologise, tried porridge and made a tally chart of their favourite toppings as well as lots of re enacting the story in the three bears cottage role play area.


They continued by following and re-telling the story of ‘we’re going on a bear hunt.’  This gave them the opportunity to create a story map and follow a map to get to a place in the garden.  It also offered lots of sensory play and experiences as they recreated the scenes of the story, like the thick oozy mud and swirling whirling snowstorm.  Listening to Michael Rosen tell the story was lovely as he added lots of expression and effects.


They have learnt some facts about real bears and looked at the countries bears live and what habitat they live in.  Throughout this topic they have thought about their favourite bears and their families’ favourite bears (old and new!), linking them to their families old toys and being able to handle and learn about some old toys from the museum.  We learnt that some of these toys are still around today and some are not used as much, or may have been adapted or changed.  They looked at toys like dolls, marbles and skipping ropes.


Gymnastics has been thoroughly enjoyed in PE and their confidence on the bars and equipment has grown each week. They have used a printing technique as their Art focus this term, like William Morris used in his artwork. William Morris lived locally to Oxfordshire and often used repeating patterns in his work. They thought of different objects they could print with, like Duplo and pine cones, and learnt that print means to make a copy.  They tried their hardest to use a repeating pattern, just like William Morris and created some wonderful art!


Apple Tree have looked at the value of kindness and celebrated this through making banana bread together.  They all brought their favourite teddies to school and had a teddy bears’ picnic at Forest School where they shared the banana cake together – it was a very tasty treat!

Our topic for Autumn 2 is...

You Choose 

Take a look at the topic letter and suggested home learning for all the details...


Watch this space, photos from our topic coming soon!

This has been a fantastic topic, full of fun and learning...

Our topic for Autumn 1 is...


Please see the topic letter and suggested home learning below! 

Photos coming soon, watch this space!

We have had a fantastic first term at school and been so impressed with all the children have achieved this term! We’ve had lots of fun singing, colour mixing, making our tie-dye bags, describing our emotions, going on autumn hunts, making bread and much more! Here are some photos of some of the things we have enjoyed…