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St Peter's CE Primary School Cassington

Ethos, Vision & Values

Our Vision


Minds that Learn, Hearts that Love, Faith that Gives


Everyone at St Peter's is encouraged to embrace life with the boldness and hope of Peter, who stepped out of the boat, walked on water and achieved the impossible.  Through Christian worship, values and love, helping hands are offered to support every member of our community to reach their potential.


We are inspired by many of the stories of St.Peter from the Christian gospels, especially the occasion when he was in a boat with the other disciples (Matthew 14 v 22-33):

The boat was buffeted by the wind and the waves.

Jesus came to them walking on the water.

They were terrified thinking they had seen a ghost.

When they realised it was Jesus, Peter said, “Tell me to come to you on the water.”

Amazingly, Peter did what he never thought was possible and walked out to Jesus on the water - that is, until he took his eyes off Jesus and looked at the scary waves!

He started to sink but Jesus took his hand and brought him safely to the boat.


This story inspires us at St.Peter’s to try things we never imagined possible - in our learning, in the love we have for those around us and further afield, and in our generous striving for good in this world. All this in an environment where there are many sources of support and help, where we are deeply valued, and where even our mistakes are transformed into opportunities to learn, develop and flourish in the life God has given us. The circle below shows what we value most at St Peter’s. Taken from Peter’s letters and life-changing encounter with Jesus, they are at the heart of our learning and life together.



God has given each of you a gift

from his great variety of spiritual gifts.

Use them well to serve one another.

Peter’s first letter: 4 v 10

Our Values


We are very proud of our Values Wheel.  We use it every day and you will see it all around our school. These values help drive us towards our vision.

These were developed with contributions from children, staff, governors and the community.

Our School Prayer

Our Song

Click on the 'Soundtrack to our School' link on the homepage to hear our school song which helps us remember our vision and values!

Examples of how St Peter's live our vision and values