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LOCKDOWN Won't Keep Us Down '21

This Week's Awards


Well done to everybody!



You are sharing your ideas with the class which is amazing to see – we love your confidence and enthusiasm.


Fantastic book review and dressing up so well as a fairy for World Book Day – we loved your character!


Your confidence has been increasing hugely and you have made so much progress - well done!




For writing a wonderful non-chronological report on crocodiles - you independently made really interesting links to your science topic.


For writing an excellent non-chronological report on Grandpa Rogers.  A really well written report with fantastic presentation


For producing some really amazing literacy work.  Such an enthusiastic book review - your love of the story was clear to see!




Consistently high standards of work and doing everything you have been asked to do with passion


Taking comments from your teachers on board and going back to improve your work and resubmitting – a really mature attitude


Fabulous presentation and trying your hardest with all your work. Fantastic – well done!




Outstanding effort in the big write and throughout the whole of lockdown.  Well done for so enthusiastically supporting others!


Amazing standard of work in your writing.  Also winning one of the World Book Day competitions – you are putting in the effort and it is paying off!


Fantastic levels of effort in lockdown – you have been challenging yourself in each lesson and the stunning results in your work are clear to see!

Weekly Wellbeing Guide

Thursday 4th March Collective Worship

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Here is today's collective worship, continuing with the value of forgiveness. Today there is the opportunity to think about forgiveness as turning over a new leaf. There is a story for you to join in with today and a song from Out of the Ark at the end of the collective worship. I hope you enjoy taking a few moments today to stop, think and reflect on the idea of turning over a new leaf.
Mrs Carter

St Peters Collective Worship 3rd March

St Peters Primary School Collective Worship 3rd March

This Week's Awards


Well done to everybody!


Arthur P

Brilliant writing using the frog in your garden as inspiration!  It is great to see your writing coming on so well – you have made so much progress – well done!


Being so creative and sending in brilliant work including using objects around the house for inspiration.  You are clearly enjoying what you are doing so much


Orla has written her own book which is absolutely amazing.  Great sentences and great handwriting – we love that you did this and put so much effort into it!




For being willing to take on a challenge and pushing yourself - you are really showing what you are capable of!  Well done and keep it up!

Ivy P

For doing some really great topic work which was beautifully presented.  You are taking so much care over your work which is really impressing your teachers.

Isla C

For consistently producing independent work of a very high quality.  You pay really careful attention to what you have to do and produce amazing results!




Consistency in the high quality of work that you produce.  Well done for independently responding to your teachers’ comments and improving your work further.


Putting in lots of effort and especially with your writing where you are taking so much care over what you are doing.

Lukas T

For putting in a huge amount of effort with your work which has produced amazing results – keep it up!




Excellent effort all through lockdown and especially this week in maths using algebra.

Abi W

The effort and standard of work throughout lockdown has been exceptional.  You have had such a positive attitude and couldn’t have done more.

Abbie M

You always challenge yourself and complete all work to a very high standard.  Any suggestions for improvement from your teacher are acted upon which shows great independence.

Thursday 25th February - Collective Worship

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Here is today's collective worship. We are thinking about the value of forgiveness during our Thursday collective worships this term. Today, in particular, is the opportunity to reflect on forgiveness as wiping the slate clean. At the end of the collective worship there is a song from Out of the Ark for you to join in with or listen along to. I hope you enjoy the chance to take a few minutes out of a busy day to stop, reflect and pray if you wish.
Mrs Carter

St.Peter's School Collective Worship 24th Feb

Collective Worship for St.Peter's Primary School, Cassington

Half term photos

Weekly Wellbeing Guide 28

This Week's Awards


Well done to everybody!



Well done for taking on the challenge of doing number sentences with even bigger numbers!


For making wonderful progress - everyone has been so impressed with how much effort you are putting in


For producing some magnificent writing about Chinese New Year and fireworks!




For excellent work in maths this week - you have been working hard on your reasoning skills and have been an absolute star!


For his brilliant work on block diagrams in maths.  You have been sharing your ideas with the other children in the Meets which has been so wonderful to see


For producing a fantastic poster about the Chinese year of her birth - you included so much detail which was beautifully neat




For taking so much time, care and attention with your work - what a great half term you have had


Fantastic description when writing your myth - you created your own character and really brought it to life


Everyone has been impressed with the consistently high level of work you have been producing




A superb effort in maths - you are making fantastic progress and it's all down to your hard work!


Wonderfully creative use of dialogue in writing; this makes your compositions so engaging to read


Challenging yourself to make your work the very best it can be.  You used speech very effectively in your Google Slides presentation

Weekly Wellbeing Guide

The Love and Kindness Trail 2021


14th February is traditionally the day when we tell our nearest and dearest how much we love them. This year we all need some love and kindness so the Parish Council, in conjunction with Neighbourhood Watch, have arranged for various houses in the village to decorate their windows.


There are 15 windows on the actual trail map, but anyone is welcome to join in the fun by decorating a window. Due to a kind donation made by a resident there are prizes available for the best window display and also for each completed trail map with the correct unscrambled words. Hopefully this will add some cheer for all on their daily walks and help raise the spirits, as we flood Cassington with positive images of hearts, rainbows and alike! 


The displays will be up from Sunday 14th Feb and for all of the next half term week. See the map (below) of which houses to visit to spot the hidden letters, and details of the competition and how to enter.

There will also be some paper copies available in the Paper shop in Elm’s road from Friday 12th Feb.


Please get your entries for the unscrambled words in by 20th February to


The window display winners will be announced on the Cassington Village Facebook page and in next month's edition CAWN.

11th February 2021 - Collective Worship

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Here is the collective worship for today, with the opportunity to think one more time about our value of courage, in particular how we can encourage others. There is an Out of the Ark song with some actions at the end of the collective worship which you could join in with at home. I hope you enjoy the chance to take a few moments to stop, think, reflect and pray today.
Mrs Carter

Collective Worship 10th February '21

Who Else Shows Resilience?

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Competition! A prize for every correct entry!
1. How many different cartoons can you see?
2. Write one thing that you've learned from the video.
Write your answers on the St Peter's Whole School Classroom page by 12pm Wednesday.
Good Luck!!

Just For Fun! Take a break and have a go at these fun activities!

Ameer's Harry Potter Adventure Story


Ameer wrote a story based around his Lego model!  

Can you have a go at making up a story using one of your toys too?



Harry was sleeping in his cosy, warm bed when suddenly Hedwig came screeching in through the window carrying a letter.

He carefully opens the letter and he is shocked to see what Albus Dumbledore has written.

He rushes frantically to Albus Dumbledore who is in his office.  The office is large and full of hidden secrets like a trapdoor. There are lots of secret books that have never been opened for years and never been read by a dursley. 

“Hello Harry, I'm glad to see you,” Dumbledore said excitedly as he held a secret note.

“ I got your letter about something being wrong”, said Harry.

“There is something mysterious about the clocktower. Its face keeps changing from Victor Crumb’s magic tests”, whispers Dumbledore.

Harry leaves the office feeling worried and goes out of the clock tower to investigate the enchanted clock face. Harry sees something strange. Victor Cumb is practising his magic.

Harry swiggles his wand at the enchanted clock face and mutters a spell. 

As soon as Harry does the magic, the enchanted clock face becomes normal again. Victor apologises for testing magic on the clock face.

Harry and Victor jump on their broomsticks and fly off.


This Week's Awards


Well done to everybody!


Teddy M

Making your teachers smile with your wonderful sentences!


Putting in an incredible amount of work and effort – you are doing your absolute best!


Excellent progress in all areas – you have been working so hard!




For writing a brilliant biography of her sister in Big Write.


For applying her learning superbly, producing really good quality literacy work


For some fantastic science work, giving really detailed descriptions of hygience rules that we should all follow to stay healthy.  You have been a great role model on the class Meets!



Lucas C

Impressive editing skills – you put so much effort into getting your work just how you wanted it.


Excellent responses to the feedback you are being given in your work.  You are taking the time, care and attention to making your work even better!


You have been trying so hard and been producing amazing results!  Keep it up, well done!




Wonderful effort levels and working really well to get the most out of your learning – keep it up!

Megan C

Wonderfully engaging writing – you are being adventurous in your sentence structure and it is delightful to read.

Megan M

Outstanding effort levels – your standard of work is extremely high and you are continually challenging yourself.  Remember to take a break!

Weekly Wellbeing Guide

St Peter's Acorns

4/2/21 - Collective Worship

Still image for this video
Here is today's collective worship continuing the theme of courage, in particular having the courage to overcome our fears.
Today I had a bit of help telling the story from Barney and Bella (Oak class might recognise who helped me out!).
Apologies for the video being a little fuzzy in the middle. I hope you can still follow the story okay!
Feel free to join in with the responses, the prayers and the song (from Out of the Ark) at home.
I hope you enjoy today's collective worship.
Mrs Carter

This is what home learning looks like!

More Outdoors Fun

Collective Worship 030221

Message from Mr Jeffries - 1st February 2021

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This week's Big Question - write your suggestions in the St Peter's Whole School Google Classroom

4Rs Reflection

Inside Out Weekly Wellbeing Guide

This Week's Awards


Well done to everybody!



For being kind and thoughtful and setting a really good example for the rest of the class

Oli Rees-Horsley

Trying really hard in class and always doing your best

Finley Britton

For writing wonderful sentence - everyone is so impressed!




Amazing contributions all week and especially in science, PE and RE


Consistently high standard of work and a superb effort in all lessons


Excellent work, especially in maths and some lovely neat handwriting too!




Excellent description, paragraphs and dialogue in your writing


Great response to feedback and improving further - a really mature approach


Amazing effort levels all week - keep it up!




A huge amount of effort in writing and especially use of openers


Lots of effort with your writing and some great description


A wonderful piece of writing - excellent accuracy and variety of sentence structure

Oxford Health NHS Primary School Newsletter

28th January - Collective Worship

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Here is the collective worship for today, continuing our Thursday theme of courage. Today I tell you the story of Joshua from the Bible, a time when he and others showed great courage.There is a song, from Out of the Ark, for you to join in with at the end of the collective worship.I hope you enjoy taking a few moments out of the busy day to stop, pause and reflect a while.
Mrs Carter

Collective Worship 27th January

St. Peter's Primary School Collective Worship - 27th January 2021

5Bs of Independent Learning - a reminder

Message from Mr Jeffries - 25th January 2021

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Big Question

Inside Out - Weekly Wellbeing Guide 24

4Rs - Reciprocity

This Week's Awards


Well done to everybody!



For doing an amazing job using full stops and capital letters


For putting an incredible amount of effort into your work

Isla G

For making your teachers so happy with the quality and imagination of your work!




Deep and thoughtful response to an RE story


An amazing effort in topic work identifying mountains and rivers


For going above and beyond in so many pieces of work




A superb effort with paragraph writing


Doing great work in maths and pushing yourself with the reasoning questions


Excellent effort and being resourceful to solve problems




For making huge strides in your learning this week and putting in lots of effort


Putting a huge amount of effort, asking questions and responding to comments to improve your work

Oliver P

Putting in an incredible amount of effort in all of your work which has produced some amazing results


Children's Quote of the Term


Be Creative and Think Outside the Box!


By Jack Irons

4Rs - Resilience - show your resilience ready for this week's class celebration assembly!

21st January - Collective Worship

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Here is the collective worship for today, continuing the Thursday theme of courage.
There are some actions for you to do, to join in with the story of Esther, as well as a song from Out of the Ark to sing at the end.
I hope you enjoy sharing in our collective worship at home.
Mrs Carter

St.Peter's Collective Worship 20th January

St.Peter's Primary School Collective Worship20th January 2021

Inside Out Weekly Wellbeng Guide

Message from Mr Jeffries - 18th January 2021

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Big Question

14th January - Collective Worship

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Here is the Collective Worship for today. During our Thursday Collective Worship we usually think about one our Christian values. This term the value that we are going to be thinking about on Thursdays, is courage.
I hope you enjoy watching this and joining in at home. There is a song from Out of the Ark for you to join in with at the end.
Mrs Carter

St.Peters Collective Worship 13th January 2021

St.Peters School, Cassington, Collective Worship 13th January 2021

Welcome back! 7th January 2021

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4Rs - Let's be Resourceful!


Maple class are writing poems.

Can you see what type of poem it is?


Let Covid end

Organised sport not allowed 

Can’t see friends or families

Knock on the door but don't go in

Dream of all the good things still to happen

Online learning … again!

When will we go back to school?

Never give up!!!!!!


By Bradley

Collective Worship - St.Peter's School - 5th Jan 2020

Collective Worship - St.Peter's School - 5th Jan 2020