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St Peter's CE Primary School Cassington

Maple Class – Years 3 & 4

In Maple Class, we have had lots of exciting lessons linked to our English book, The Wind in the Willows. We have been baking biscuits for Rat and Mole to take on a river picnic (nutritionally balanced of course, thanks to the knowledge developed from science lessons on food groups, nutrition and animal diets!) In art, we have designed and created high-tech boats to whizz Mole and Rat along on their adventures! In English and drama, we have planned for and performed a mock trial for Toad. Finally, as one of Maple's 'Milestone Moments,' we had an amazing pet day where staff and children were able to bring their pets in to discuss their diets, care routines and habitats. As a result, we have created some beautiful fact files which demonstrate the children's knowledge of their pets. 

Bring your Pet to School Day - Milestone Moment

Baking Biscuits!

Mock Trial - Did Maple Class Jury find Mr Toad guilty or not guilty?

Firework artwork inspired by, 'The Firework Maker's Daughter'

Artwork of Oxford

Our trip to the Story Museum in Oxford!