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Spirituality at St Peter's

St Peter's Spirituality Journey

What spirituality looks like at St Peter's

Our spirit is the rudder that guides us through life.

Reflection, stillness and questioning helps us to make healthy choices for ourselves and others.

Beauty, awe and wonder inspire us to reach towards our faith, the beyond, or the greater meaning of life.

The core of our spirituality is LOVE, as shown in the life and teachings of Jesus and St Peter, his disciple.

Oak class recreating our spirituality picture using objects from nature they could find around school.

Can you work out which parts of the picture they made?

(Hint: lighthouse, rocks, sun, house, rainbow, boat)

Mr Griffiths and spirituality collective worship


Mr Griffiths shared his thoughts with us about spirituality, today.  This built upon the ideas and discussions we have had in collective worship and the spiritual moments we all experience through our days.

Specifically, Mr Griffiths talked about spiritualiy as:

- Love for God

- Love for others

- Love for the world


When we worship our phones/technology/money, when we don't care for other people e.g. by excluding them, and when we pollute our planet, we close ourselves to spirituality and the wonderful gifts we have been given.

By remembering to show love, we will feel better in ourselves and make the world a better place.

A huge thank you to Mr griffiths for sharing this with us.